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Doing a quick feature for this group => :iconthe-totem-tribes: Go check it out! It's a feline, 'tribe' based roleplay group, where your character interacts with other members of his/her tribe, and occasionally other tribes. If you like rping and such, icy-reflections and the other members of the group have put a ton of effort into coming up with a unique story line and setting. They are totally cool about answering questions and helping out if you're interested, so if you've half a mind, click the icon and drop by

I've got a character there already, his name is Trasden- [link]

Also wanted to thank you guys for submitting to the right folders :) It helps when we get submissions that members take the time to look and see where their deviation should be submitted, and it seems like you guys have really have been doing a good job.

Our friends in the-cheetah-archive are having it's first contest and asked us to invite you participate!
What they are looking for is a Mascot, of course, a cheetah!
Deadline is November 30! you have pretty much time to give it a go, prizes are really nice!

Here you can find the basics: the-cheetah-archive.deviantart…

These are the prizes they offer:

1st place: 5 drawings from listed artists, 200 points, and a feature in the group blog, and in the custom forever

2nd place: 4 drawings, 50 points, feature in the group blog

3rd place: 1 Drawing,  1 lineart,  feature in the group blog
Right, since we want to give you guys plenty of time to get your awesome entries in, the deadline for our mascot contest will be April 10th. That gives you about 2 whole months to do our group proud! So hurry and submit!

Oh and if you're wondering about the rules and sweet prizes, look down!
Alright, so I was technically supposed to announce this a little while ago, but it's the end of the semester, so I'm a little late.

We are having a mascot contest! when our group was first getting started about a year ago (yeah i know, a whole YEAR) We did something similar, but it wasn't organized or anything so we are trying it again (this time with actual rules! :O)


:bulletgreen: You can design any kind of mascot you want, but it MUST be feline. no anthros, hybrids*, or canines

:bulletblue: Hybrids MAY be accepted, but it has to be obviously feline. If you have an idea and aren't sure about it, ask me or sindos or Lunareye

:bulletblack: unnatural colors (neon green, purple, etc.) are ok, but in moderation. Most of you are probably familiar with "sparkle dogs" you know, the animals with huge hair, leg warmers, and such. Any thing like that we would prefer to not have. But if you have an idea that has like blue stripes or something like that it's ok. Again if you have questions, ask one of us.

:bulletred: Entries have to go into the Mascot Contest folder. Any submissions not submitted to the correct folder will not be judged.

:bulletgreen: ok this isn't really a rule, but just a heads up. After the deadline, (which is TBA, but won't be for a while) All entries will be judged similar to the last contest. Admins will narrow it down to the top 4 or 5, then those will be put up for voting.

We are so excited to see the awesome ideas you guys come up with!


Ok yes, i know that this is the section everybody is interested in.

The chosen mascot will get a commission from one of the admins (still deciding who) and will become the Official representation of our group. They will also get a feature in the group's blog and mine as well.
Let's get active in art this new year! A new year is a new chance to improve your skills and branch out in art. So, take your FAVORITE big cat, forget about it, and find the least common big cat. Draw it. Have you ever drawn an African Servel? Have you tried a cheetah? Lions and Tigers seem to be the most popular but let's try something that's never been done before. Do you tend to draw no backround? Add a backround! Have you ever tried a big cat looking at its own reflection in water? Well try it! Let's explore new possibilities this year!

Get out there and try new things! If you stick to drawing what is comfortable then how will you ever learn to draw new things?

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